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Rodopsko katche Guest house

is the ideal place for rest of full value far away from the city noise and vanity, in the embraces of the Rhodope mountains.

It is located in village of Alamovtsi, only at 10 km from town of Zlatograd and from the border point Zltograd - Termes.

The place is a wonderful opportunity for peaceful rest and entertainment among the incredible nature, in the encirclement of open-hearted local people, with a unique dialect, who are living as if somewhere far back in time, in the simple way, in which generations backwards have lived.

Here the water from the mountain springs is crystal clear, and the air has the heady aroma of a herb.

In front of you shall be revealed virgin nature and paths, which invite you to set off on them, to discover the magic of the Rhodope mountains and it to charge you with its purity and energy.

Here you can taste the incredible Rhodope dishes, to prepare for you “Zlatograd cheverme (barbeque)” and to pick fruits and vegetables, cultivated in clean environment and with lots of love.

The house is cozy, equipped in a modern way and it offers all conditions for active rest during the whole year.

You can make yourself an off-road drive with ATV, to devote yourself to family relax or to spend unforgettable days and nights with friends in calm and natural atmosphere.

The place is also suitable for carrying out of trainings, „green schools“, team building far away from the stress and the hurried daily round.

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This internet page is prepared with the financial support of the European agricultural fund for development of the village regions as per the Programme for development of the village regions 2007-2013, measure 312 „Support for establishment and development of micro companies” within the framework of project “Building of a guest house in village of Alamovtsi”, contract № 21/31/02800, dated 14.10.2014. The internet page reflects only the personal concepts of its author and there cannot be sought responsibility for the usage of the contained in it information of the European commission and of the Managing body.

About us

Are you looking for a quiet place among the nature, surrounded with abundant vegetation, clear mountain air and natural atmosphere, then come to us in Rodopsko katche guest house!

Rodopsko katche Guest house is built within the framework of a project, financed as per the Programme for development of the village regions and is managed by Viktoriya Chomezova Sole Trader.

It is located in the beautiful Rhodope village of Alamovtsi, which is dated from year 1762 and is located at 806 m above the sea level. The winter here is mild and snowy, the summer is cool and wet, and the autumn - prolonged and warm.

The business has for purpose to contribute to the liveliness of the region, to be a source of working places and incomes for the local population and to give opportunity to more tourists to enjoy the beauty of the Rhodope mountains, of the traditional Rhodope dishes, of the peaceful rhythm of life and the preserved local traditions.

The capacity of the guest house is 16 persons. It has 4 double rooms and 4 studios.

At the ground floor there are located a cafe-cafeteria and a shop.

In the cafe-cafeteria we offer coffee, tea, beverages, menu for breakfast. The capacity is 20 seats at 5 tables and another 6 chairs „storks” type at a bar. In the hall there is a fireplace.

From the shop of the house the guest can buy themselves products of local production, as for example grown in clean conditions fruits and vegetables, yoghurt, cheese, curds, butter, honey, herbs.

For the lovers of the strong sensations and the off-road adventures we offer 3 ATV for rent.

The house has at its disposal a barbeque.

How can we reach to “Rodopsko katche” guest house?

The road for the village is in western direction, at around 10 km from Zlatograd. The road is asphalted, it is twisting along Zlatograg reservoir and continues in the mountain locality of the Rhodope mountains.

The houses of the village are perched one above another at the steep terrain.

At entering in the village there is impossible to miss the biggest and the most beautiful of them – “Rodopkso katche” guest house, which is built in the typical for the region style of the Bulgarian national revival, it surprises with its magnificence and as if it tells the visitor that in this village there is more than the ordinary visitor expects to find.


Arriving: from 14:00 PM

Departing: up to 12.00 AM

With purpose your better servicing, the arrangement and the preparing of the rooms and for the next customers, we beg all guests to observe these hours.

Preliminary reservations can be done on telephone, through the form for inquiry and through an e mail.

For our guests we offer:

  • 4 double rooms – two beds, a wardrobe, night-tables, a sanitary premise, an air conditioner, a TV, satellite TV, a terrace;
  • 4 studios – a double bedroom suite, a wardrobe, night-tables, a dining table with chairs, a kitchen nook with a cooker, a sink and a refrigerator, a sanitary premise, an air conditioner, a TV, satellite TV, a terrace;
  • ATV rental;
  • In front of the house there are free parking places.

Additional services

Besides accommodation in a relaxing atmosphere, “Rodopsko katche” guest house offers and series of additional services:

„Produced in Alamovtsi”

Here you can buy products from local producers – fruits, vegetables, herbs, honey, yoghurt, butter, curds and etc.

Local specialties

We can prepare for you the dishes, which are typical for the region:
  • Potato pie (Patatnik);
  • Klin;
  • Svienichki;
  • Zelnik;
  • Sarmi (Stuffed cabbage/vine leaves);
  • „Zlatograd cheverme” (barbeque);
  • Baklava.

Cultural tours

Opportunity to spend interesting and exciting the spare time through the means of organizing of tourist tours to the cultural-historical and natural sights. Below you can see some of the routes.

Eco tours

Walks in the mountain with a guide.

Care for the health

Balneological tours to village of Termes, Greece (at 4 km from Border Control Point Zlatograd) with a minibus.

For the adventurers

Organizing of drives with ATV in the mountain. We offer 3 ATV for rent.

Sport fishing at Zlatograd reservoir


“Rodopkso katche” guest house – the former post in village of Alamovtsi

“Rodopkso katche” guest house – the former post in village of Alamovtsi

“Rodopkso katche” guest house – „Krastata gora" (The cross-shaped forest)

The belief in the wonder-working strength of the Christian cross is permanently reflected in Zlatograd – on four of the highest peaks surrounding it there used to be pagan sanctuaries, which later were transformed into Christian places of a cult. These are: "Saint Atanas" (with existing chapel), "Saint Iliya", “Saint Elena" and "Saint Ekaterina". The imaginary lines, connecting the opposite peaks form an original cross. Therefore the local population calls the whole zone of the cross „Krastata gora (The cross-shaped forest)“.
And until nowadays it is believed that Zlatograd was and shall be protected from evils thanks to its location in this sacral zone.
The church-monastery fortress on peak “Saint Nedelya” fascinates not only with the mysterious legend for its existing, but with its incredible panorama of the surrounding it century-old trees. From here at clear day there can be seen the peaks of Samotraki island.
The chapel “Saint Atanas” is picturesquely located at an upland beside the town. From it is visible almost the whole town of Zlatograd.

“Rodopkso katche” guest house – the locality of „The white rocks“

The White Rocks is a mountain top, which name comes from the bare white limestone rocks, out of which is built the top. It is located at 12 km on the north from Zlatograd, in the proximity of village of Startsevo.
The Thracian sanctuary is dedicated to the God Sun and is a centre of a circle, around which are located other Thracian sanctuaries, dedicated to the God - Sun.
The archeological observations show that in the deep cracks of the rocks the Thracians put coins, potteries, wheat, millet, and after this they plastered up the crack with clay.
The archaeologists suppose that these are gifts – sacrifices to the tonic (underground gods) and they specify the White Rocks top as an ancient sanctuary. There is built a bicycle alley to the object and two archeological paths.
In the village there is a tavern, famous for its good cuisine, where typical Rhodope specialties can be tasted.

“Rodopkso katche” guest house – The rock bridge and the cave formations in village of Kushla

In the womb of the village of Kushla there is found and healing soil, the so called „Mummy", which has proven its efficiency at the treatment of broken or cracked bones and which in Bulgarian is met only in this village.

“Rodopkso katche” guest house – the Thracian sanctuary near village of Benkovski

Near the road between the villages Dobromirtsi and Benkovski, at about 15 km from Zlatograd there is a very interesting rocky area. Here in the course of centuries the natural elements have sculptured the enormous rocks in different fantastic rock forms of animals and plants. Among the most interesting are"The Crocodile", "The Mushroom", "The Lion’s Head" and etc.
Litterally located at meters from the main road for Kardzhali are and the Thracian sanctuaries. These pagan sacrificial altars and tombs-temples are one of the most ancient monuments of the human civilization. There million years ago mighty geological processes have pushed out on the surface enormous rock massifs. The Thracians considered that these rocks are sents to them by the Gods and thus the rock massifs were deified, and in them each family excavated a family altar – sacrificial altar. The sacrificial altars are hundreds and are excavated in the rock at depth of 5-10 cm. Other trapezium-shaped niches are cut out vertically in the rocks, they probably served for funeral niches or they were altars of the God-Sun.
Here is located and one of the few found in Bulgaria caves-wombs, as the interesting with it is that it is the only one eastern cave-womb.

“Rodopkso katche” guest house – Zlatograd reservoir

“Rodopkso katche” guest house – Zlatograd reservoir

“Rodopkso katche” guest house – Acquainting tour in town of Zlatograd

The mutual school - it was built in 1852, it has passed all stages in its development - Mutual, Class, Worldly. Today it is a Museum of the Education in the Middle Rhodopes, with a unique exposition – the only in the country museum collection of the Education in the Middle Rhodopes. A part from the museum collection is the most ancient written record from the Rhodope revival – „Manuscript collection of Zlatograd”.
The church “Assumption of Virgin Mary” - the most early built church in the Central Rhodopes (it was built in 1834), dug 1,5m in the ground.
Interesting is the exposition of the Museum of communications, which follows the formation of the communication connections in the Rhodopes with great number of relics – objects, maps, photographs. It contains abundant photographic material and documents, concerning the history and means of living of the town from the establishment of the first Bulgarian post office. There are over 300 museum units.
Ethnographic areal complex - the first private ethnographic complex in Bulgaria and one of the one-hundred national tourist objects. It presents preserved architectural objects of the Bulgarian national revival type and revived crafts – potter’s, saddler’s, cutler’s, braid-maker’s, weaver’s, wood-carver’s, coppersmith’s, sandal-maker’s and goldsmith’s workshops. Here the visitor may buy a souvenir, to observe the process of work, as well as to take part in the elaboration of the articles.
An integral part of the Ethnographic areal complex is the historical-ethnographic museum exposition. Only here – in a Bulgarian museum collection – may be seen a traditional hat from a woman’s national costume with a full range of metal decorations to it. Here is installed and a vertical loom for big coverings and blankets (elaborated of wool and goat’s hair). This loom is the most ancient as a type in the history of mankind in general, as there is not a similar museum exhibit anywhere in Bulgaria. In the complex may be seen and a sewing machine, which is over 100 years old.
In Zlatograd is preserved old-time Water-mill, including a fulling-mill and a primitive water-mill, which until nowadays grinds maize flour, out of which is prepared unique in taste Rhodope hominy.
The old coffee-house since 1823 - There the coffee is prepared on heated up sand as per an old Zlatograd recipe and is served with a special ritual. An attraction is the skill of the lady-owner to spin the tray with the small cups with coffee above her head about ten times without spilling even a drop and after the spinning the cups to not have moved.
In the café may be seen old utensils for baking of coffee and coffee grinders from different times.

“Rodopkso katche” guest house – Devil’s bridge near Ardino

The Devil’s bridge is wrapped in legends, connected with the origin of its name and with its building. One of the legends says the following:
Years on end the local residents have tried to build a bridge between the two banks, but every time the swift-flowing river waters have destroyed what they have built. And when the builders have decided to give up, accepting that the place is cursed, a young master has undertaken with the task, who has intended to sacrifice his beloved (as he would built in her shadow) in order to build the bridge. All of a sudded appeared the Devil, who revealed the master the secret of the stable construction, but also set him conditions. In order the bridge to be solid and everlasting, there should be pictured the image of the Satan, which to be simultaneously visible and invisible, to be able to be touched and still not to be materialized. And this should be done within 40 days. Otherwise the Sly would have taken the souls of the master and of his wife. For amazement of everyone, including the Devil, the mason has fulfilled all conditions. But soon after this he died and his secret remained unpuzzled.
However, it is a fact that the Devil’s bridge stays firm until nowadays (already 500 years), and the image of the Devil is visible, when you look the bridge vertically – half of his face is in the rock, and the other half is reflected in the water.

“Rodopkso katche” guest house – Uhlovitsa cave near village of Smilyan

The Uhlovitsa cave is among the One-hundred national tourist objects and is among the most ancient caves in the region with very beautiful dendritic formations, which resemble sea corals.
The cave ends with 7 incredibly beautiful lakes, which early in spring are filled with water. Towards the big lake are letting down the stone waves at a brilliant waterfall.

“Rodopkso katche” guest house – The wonder-working holy spring in village of Momchilovtsi

In the Smolyan village of Momchilovtsi in the south of Saint Iliya top, hidden in a pine forest, is The Wonder-working holy spring- - a place with healing water, about which is believed that many people have been cured. The distance to it is about 65 km.
Many Christians visit the place on 5 May – the night before St. George’s day. They pray, light candles and wash their faces with the holy water. After this they pour water and for home with the belief that it shall bring them health and happiness.



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